Clay balls: not just decorative

Clay balls: not just decorative

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The clay ball is a substrate that can be used in organic farming.

It has the particularity of being extremely stable and durable.

Thanks to a 100% mineral composition, this product is both useful for drainage, potting but also for decoration!

Uses of clay balls

Clay balls have many uses, both for decorating and improving the life of potted plants.

> Drainage: It suffices to place a layer of 3-4 centimeters at the bottom of the container (pot, container, planter) to improve ventilation, protect the roots and thus promote the development of the plant.

> Repotting: In order to improve the proper development of the roots, it may be advisable to mix your special potting soil with clay balls in the amount of 10% of the total volume.

> Decoration: For all your indoor plants, but also for your outdoor pots and tubs, the clay ball is extremely decorative. On the surface to a thickness of 3-4 cm, they perfectly highlight the colors of the plants.

Smart tip about clay balls

By using this substrate as a mulch, you prevent evaporation and the growth of weeds.

You thus limit the number of waterings as well as the use of herbicides and you make a gesture for sustainable development.

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