Rhubarb: from planting to harvest

Rhubarb: from planting to harvest

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Rhubarb is an easy plant to grow and often yields a generous amount.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Rheum rhaponticum
Family: Polygonaceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 0.5 to 1m
Exhibition: Sunny, light shade
Ground : Rather rich and acidic

Plantation: Autumn Spring -Harvest: April to September

  • Health: benefits and virtues of rhubarb on health

From planting or sowing to harvesting the petioles, regular maintenance should help you improve growth.

Culture, maintenance and recipes… here are all our tips.

Rhubarb plantation

Instead, we plant rhubarb in autumn in the form of rhizomes but it can be planted as well in spring.

Given the space it takes up, reserve a place for it outside your vegetable garden, otherwise it may quickly take up all the space!

Rhubarb needs a rich soil to "prosper" and therefore deserves regularorganic fertilizer.

  • Two or three rhizomes planted 1 meter apart will be more than enough for a family's needs.
  • Besides the fact that you could find the rhubarb of your dreams at your usual garden center, it is also a plant that is passed on in family, or even from father to son!
  • The rhizomes divide very easily when the plant begins to grow.
  • A little digging and you are "owner" of what will be after two seasons a massif that will accompany you for life.
  • Even if life prompts you to move, don't let your rhubarb orphan….!
  • Take it with you: a spade, and here is a life that will resume and continue elsewhere!

Rhubarb seedlings:

If you want to seed rhubarb, sow in spring or summer, preferably in a bucket and place from September to March.

Rhubarb care

Rhubarb does not require any particular maintenance, other than to thin the base of weeds that could invade it and regularly remove the wilted petioles.

You can help her grow, especially in the first year, by giving her 100g per plant of a granular fertilizer such as 7-11-17 mineral or 5-7-7 organic.

Tear off the last petioles as winter approaches.

The rhizomes go to sleep, but they will surprise you again from the first days of spring.

A mulching can be useful in the summer to retain moisture in the soil.

Watering rhubarb:

Rhubarb is a plant that sweats a lot in summer because of its large leaves and therefore requires special watering.

  • Water in case of prolonged drought or hot weather
  • It is better to water in the evening and avoid wetting the leaves
  • A good mulching on the ground allows to maintain the humidity for a longer time and therefore to avoid 1 in 2 watering.

Rhubarb harvest

The harvest usually takes place twice a year, fromApril to September / October, but the most popular is especially on first spring shoots, because they are the most tender and the least sour.

  • Choose the firm and thick petioles 3-4 cm in diameter
  • Tear them off at their base by breaking them rather than cutting them
  • Cut off the large leaves and make rhubarb manure to control aphids and leek worm
  • Clean the petioles and keep them cool to prevent them from drying out.

All you need to know about rhubarb

Rhubarb is of Asian origin and has only been known in Europe for some two hundred years.

It acts as a fruit when cultivated to make jam or delicious rhubarb pies but it is actually, in the botanical sense, a vegetable.

It is cultivated everywhere in France, but mainly north of the Loire.

This plant with very attractive shapes can reach a height of over a meter.

Rhubarb can create, at the bottom of your garden, a very green massif and very pleasant to the sight.

Rhubarb is well known for its laxative effect.

Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, rhubarb is a very good food supplement, especially for transit.

Many gourmet recipes will allow you to enjoy this product from the vegetable garden and your jams will be sure to delight your family.

  • Find the rhubarb jam recipe and enjoy !

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