Goldfish: tips for beginners

The goldfish is a very popular pet, especially for its anti-stress properties.

Here's how to avoid beginner's mistakes and take care of this colorful companion.

The needs of goldfish

The goldfish has a life expectancy about fifteen years.

  • When purchased, it measures between two and three centimeters. Depending on the space available, it can quadruple in size.

A bowl is inappropriate for a goldfish (space, shape). To thrive, it must evolve in a 30 to 50 liter aquarium.

  • This animal is gregarious, it needs a companion (regardless of gender). Consider purchasing a 60 to 100 liter aquarium to house two goldfish.

It is not recommended to mix several kinds of goldfish (common, comets, Asian…), because their diet is different. However, if this is your choice, there are no contradictions.

Special features of goldfish

Goldfish are a big eater. Without a stomach, his intestines immediately filter food. He's always looking for a new meal. It is for this reason that it is recommended to feed him two to three times a day in small amounts.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a goldfish:

  • How many goldfish do I want?
  • Which variety would suit me? Common goldfish? Japanese goldfish?
  • Do I have room to provide a large enough aquarium for my goldfish?
  • What is the budget I have?
  • Who will take care of it during my absences?

Did you know ?

In article L 214 of the rural code,goldfish is considered a domestic animal. It is defended and protected by law.

A fine is foreseen in the event of mistreatment (sale in fairs or funfairs, unsuitable living space like a jar, etc.).

The purchase of the aquarium and accessories

It is recommended to buy the aquarium and accessories 3 or 4 weeks before arrivalof your goldfishto allow good bacteria to thrive in the water that will welcome your residents.

Here is the basic equipment for a beginner (available in pet stores):

  • An aquarium (30 to 50 liters per fish) with integrated filter and artificial lighting.
  • An aquarium cabinet or an existing cabinet capable of supporting the load (1 liter of water is equivalent to 1 kilo).
  • Strip tests to check the pH of the water (which should be between 7 and 8).
  • Bacteria to start the filter.
  • A landing net.
  • A water conditioner.
  • A magnet or a squeegee suitable for cleaning windows.
  • Sufficient quartz-type gravel (3 or 4 cm is necessary to lay at the bottom of the aquarium).
  • An aquarium vacuum.
  • Granules for fish.
  • Plant.
  • Decoration.

For a 100 liter aquarium (and accessories) with two goldfish, you need a budget of two hundred euros.

Goldfish and aquarium

Place the aquarium in the center of a stable piece of furniture after making sure it can support its weight.

  • Choose the orientation of the aquarium carefully, avoiding any heat source nearby.
  • Line the bottom of the aquarium with 3 to 4 cm of gravel.
  • Arrange the plants harmoniously and methodically. They serve as a hiding place for fish and absorb CO2.
  • Fill the aquarium with water (temperature between 18 and 24 degrees). Tap water has a pH that is generally suitable for your fish. Do not hesitate to test it with the strips.
  • Add the water conditioner and bacteria to start the filter
  • Connect the equipment (filter and lighting).

A few weeks after setting up your aquarium, the good bacteria have developed and you can expect your fish to arrive.

Did you know ?

It is advisable to introduce your fish one after the other to avoid contamination. To successfully quarantine, put your fish in an independent tank and add a special general fish disinfectant to it.

A week later, you can move it to the main bath.

Mistakes to avoid with goldfish

Avoid placing the aquarium next to a heater or window, as the temperature of the water will get out of control (too hot, too cold) and bad bacteria will proliferate.

  • Don't overfeed your goldfish. Split their meal. Prefer granules to flakes.
  • Rinse the filter, without stripping it, once a week to leave the good bacteria. Change the foam once a month.
  • Remember to replace a third of the water each week. Ideally, this water should have been drawn twenty-four hours in advance to avoid thermal shock.
  • Do not forget to control the pH of the water.

Smart tip

What if you bought a used aquarium to reduce your budget?


“Small fish will become big. " Jean de La Fontaine


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