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Live well through menopause thanks to plants

Live well through menopause thanks to plants

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By a natural absence of menstruation for 12 consecutive months, menopause marks in women, the stop of ovulation and the secretion of hormones of reproduction by the ovaries.

Affecting approximately 10 million women in France each year, this end of reproductive capacity brings with it physical changes, endocrine and psychological disturbances.

The herbal medicine can it be a solution to live well the menopause ?

Causes and symptoms of menopause

The etymology of the word "menopause" comes from the Greek "meno" and "pause" which means "periods, periods" and "end, stop".
A natural physiological mechanism occurring in women aged 45 to 55, menopause is an inevitable phase in the cycle of aging of the women.
During this "climacteric age", the ovarian follicles responsible for genital life are no longer functional.

Thus, the symptoms clinics observed are:

  • The pre-menopause marked by an irregular menstual cycle, tensions in the lower abdomen and breasts, very heavy periods.
  • The peri-menopause punctuated by a gradual drop in menstruation, hot flashes, slight weight gain, palpitations and insomnia.
  • The menopause characterized by the end of menstruation for at least a full year.

This amenorrhea is also accentuated by decreased libido, headache, joint pain, mood disorders, dry skin, osteoporosis, urinary leaks and infections, diabetes, increased cardiovascular risk, fatigue and even in late menopause, breast cancer.

Menopause: plants and natural treatments

For live well your menopause, some professionals recommend the herbal medicine and some plants seem to have done their effect.

As such, we will remember:

  • The flowers and fruits of Chaste tree but also, the leaves of theLady's mantlewhose actions are identical to that of progesterone. They are known to regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve breast tension.
  • Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health
  • The mother tincture of Red vine, the soy and the linseed are renowned for their anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects on phlebitis and hot flashes.
  • The mother tincture of the female flowers of Hop is recommended to overcome insomnia.
  • The mother tinctures of the flowers of Melilot and D'Olivier whose diuretic and anti-edematous properties are known to reduce edema and treat mild water retention.
  • The root of Valerian, as a natural calming and sedative recommended for anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress related to menopause.
  • Oils currants black and primroses being very useful in case of vaginal dryness.
  • Thegarlic and the ginger to promote blood circulation,
  • The ginseng to prevent certain heart conditions.

Advice on menopause and herbal medicine

Whatever the case, to relieve the symptoms of menopause (and other conditions), it is strongly recommended to have a medical advice before starting a natural treatment with herbal medicine.

Indeed, although they have therapeutic virtues, plants can present contraindications and cause undesirable effects.

Health authorities advise women with a history of uterine or breast cancer not to treat themselves with plants containing phytoestrogens.

Also note that a healthy lifestyle punctuated by a healthy, varied and balanced diet is essential for live better her menopause.

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