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Create a flowering hedge

Create a flowering hedge

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It protects us from view and creates a certain privacy, it insulates from the wind and protects our garden.

The flowering hedge has many advantages and can even become very decorative.

Conversely to persistent hedge, the flowering hedge will be composed of both deciduous and persistent shrubs.

This is the assurance of great diversity, both aesthetically and biologically.

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Shrubs for a flowering hedge

Here is a selection of "favorite" shrubs to use for the creation of a flowering hedge:

From May until the end of summer, Escallonia offers very beautiful flowers ranging from pink to red depending on the variety.
The ceanothe
The generous flowering from May makes this shrub a staple of flowering hedges.
An abundant and magnificent flowering in May / June.
Superb flowering, generous and abundant, from early spring until early summer.
The arbutus
This evergreen shrub offers pretty edible fruit during the flowering period, which lasts from August to November. A little Mediterranean nod.
Mexican orange
Very beautiful white flowers from April and a soft green throughout the year.
The sparkling yellow, almost gold, of this shrub gives light from the very beginning of spring!
The dark green foliage of the broom is spectacular with its many small, fragrant flowers from April to June. Maritime atmosphere guaranteed!
The buddleia
Also called Butterfly Tree, this shrub enchants with the beauty of its flowers, but also with the fragrance it gives off. Easy to grow, its flowering will enchant you until the beginning of autumn.
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