Philodendron: care tips

Philodendron is a very attractive houseplant with decorative, easy-care foliage.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Philodendron, philos
Family : Araceae
Type : Houseplant

: 2 m
Exposure : Partial shade, sunny
Ground : Well drained, quite rich

Flowering : Insignificant -Foliage : Persistent

Maintenance, whether at the level of repotting or watering will help you improve the development of your philodendron.

Planting and repotting the philodendron

Planting or repotting the philodendron are important steps because they are what condition the good recovery and growth of the plant over the months and seasons.

Philodendron in pot:

  • It is advisable to plant the philodendron in a potting soil or even better, special house plants.
  • Make sure the pot is well drilled at the bottom as it hates it when its roots are stagnant in water.
    Choose a bright location, But without direct sun and away from heat sources such as radiators.
    The repotting can be done from February to October.
  • Then refer to the paragraph below dedicated to watering

Philodendron outdoors:

Growing philodendron outdoors is only possible under certain climatic conditions. The philodendron indeed needs a temperature of 15 ° minimum.

If this is not the case in your area, prefer an indoor container culture that you can take outside from the end of May until the end of September.

If you live in an area with a tropical climate, the philodendron will thrive in your garden.

  • Mix your garden soil with potting soil and choose a location that is partially sunny but not hot.
  • Please note, growing the philodendron outdoors is only possible where the climate is relatively mild in winter.

Watering the philodendron

The philodendron has regular water requirements throughout the vegetative period, from Ma to October.

The closer we get to winter, the more watering should be space out, until it is reduced to a minimum from December to February.

It is good that your philodendron is placed on a deep plate with a bed of gravel or clay balls that you will always keep in a little water.

The evaporation then allows the aerial roots to absorb the moisture associated with the evaporation.

  • Water the plant only when the soil surface is dry and avoid excess water so as not to suffocate the roots.
  • Space the waterings to the strict minimum during the winter rest period, as the plant then has limited water requirements.

Caring for the philodendron

The plant commonly found as "philodendron" or "philodendron monstera" actually belongs to the species Monstera deliciosa.

The philodendron is very easy to grow. It requires very little maintenance and is quite resistant to various diseases.

While adding organic fertilizer can restore tone to the plant, it is not necessarily essential.

This shrub grows very well indoors all year round and can be grown from May to September.

A temperature of 18 to 25 ° is recommended for good growth.

Philodendron size:

No pruning is essential in the philodendron.

The aerial roots are very useful to the plant. It is therefore recommended not to touch it.

Parasites and diseases of the philodendron:

The philodendron is prone to attacks from mealybugs, ofred spiders and of aphids.

Smart tip

The sap of the philodendron can cause irritation, so it is best to handle it with gloves.

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