Dogs and chickens: solutions for living together

Dogs and chickens: solutions for living together

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Welcoming a dog or a puppy without endangering the lives of your casseroles is possible!

By giving importance to first contact, by creating a dedicated area to each, by authorizing the first meetings under close surveillance and by making a judicious choice of race.

Discover the 4 keys to success to allow your hens to continue to "peck somehard bread »Peacefully in your green spaces.

First contact of the dog with the chickens

Often living in the countryside, some dog breeders have their own farmyard. It is strongly recommended to get closer to these animal enthusiasts to acquire your future companion.

Used from its first hours to the presence of birds, the dog considers them as friends. This is called impregnation from an early age.Otherwise, instinctively, it associates them with prey and cohabitation is longer, if not impossible to establish.

When choosing the breeder, ask questions, take the time to reflect, meet him and go your way if necessary. You agree for 15 years! and the well-being of your gallinacea depends on this choice ...

Everyone has their own space

Although accustomed from an early age to the presence of chickens, youth must happen in dogs. To be on the safe side, create a space for it to be confined to when you can't watch it.

  • In the form of an enclosure.
  • By installing an electric wire underground to define its territory. Synchronized to a receiver collar, the dog receives an unpleasant electrical stimulation every time he tries to cross the wire.

It is best to bring the hens back to their henhouse when you are away and at night to protect them from predators.

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Cohabitation under high surveillance!

Dogs have short-term memory and limited ability to concentrate for more than 15 minutes. Before you meet your chickens for the first time, you must teach them the order: "Medor! Don't touch the chickens! »In a quiet place without solicitation.

Using positive reinforcement:

  • Encourage your dog to behave by rewarding good deeds and ignoring bad ones.
  • Identify their favorite treat. Give him only if he obeys the order. If he listens to you, reward him. If not, repeat the exercise without getting nervous when your dog is better disposed.

In practice in the field:

  • Before the ultimate meeting, take your dog for a walk to tire him out. He will be less excited.
  • Hang a 10-meter lanyard (or clothesline) on its collar to be able to release ballast as you wish.
  • Take a walk around your chickens. They cackle! They giggle! Perfect ... Watch your dog's reaction by repeating "Medor!" As much as necessary. Don't touch the chickens! »Followed by the reward.
  • Slowly let go of the lanyard to give your dog more freedom. If there is a problem, stop its race by putting your foot on it and repeating the order.

Gradually remove the lanyard and let your dog aerate the lawn with your hens.

Take into account the dog's breed

Breeds such as the Beagle, the Braque, the Jack-Russel or the Golden Retriever (non-exhaustive list) have been selected for hunting. Their hunting instinct is innate. No doubt they will enjoy chasing your chickens if they haven't been impregnated from a young age. Remember that the puppy, when opening his eyes, considers the first living things he sees as members of his family.

All hopes are therefore permitted!

Shepherd dogs (Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, etc.) originally tasked with protecting and gathering flocks, obedient and intelligent, are good companions for chickens.

Smart advice

If you don't have a casserole dish or a doggie but are planning on getting both, buy them at the same time. Used to living together from the start, cohabitation will be easier to establish between young subjects to whom all education has to be done. In all cases, be patient and persevering.


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