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Fleabane: the wall daisy

Fleabane: the wall daisy

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The fleabane is a very pretty little plant, easy and resistant, which grows along the walls.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Fleabane
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Perennial

Height : 20 to 40 cm depending on the species
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, rather light

Flowering : April to October

Easy to maintain, planting and maintaining it will especially improve flowering.

Planting fleabane

Preferably in spring or autumn, choose a sunny place to plant your fleabane, it will only promote flowering.

In summer, you can also plant, but take care to water more regularly.

As for theaster, ordinary garden soil mixed with potting soil is ideal.

Avoid too heavy and too compact soils that retain moisture to the detriment of the plant.

  • To make this a beautiful ground cover, allow around 8-9 feet per square meter.

In order to multiply your fleabane,divide the clump in the spring approximately every 3 years.

Maintenance, pruning of fleabows

Very easy to grow, the fleabane requires very little maintenance.

When planting, water when the soil is dry to help the root system take place.

In the fall, after flowering or in early spring, cut back the clump as short as possible.
This operation aims to cut all the stems to about 10 cm from the base in order to stimulate the development of the fleabane while promoting the next flowering.

To know about the fleabane

Border plant, massif or rockery, the fleabane is spectacular from spring to autumn thanks to that generous flowering and which is constantly renewed.

Easy perennial it comes to us from North America and adapts very well to our climates. Even though some species like karvinskianus are not hardy and need a relatively warm climate to thrive, most species are hardy.

The genus fleabane or erigeron has more than 200 species but some are grown as annuals.

Among the most famous species, we find the erigeron karvinskianus, glabratus, alpinus, uniflorus, dimity, paolii or violetta.

Smart tip about fleabane

To encourage the appearance of new flowers, remove faded flowers as you go.

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