Tomato: make a good seedling

Much better than a tomato bought in the store, it is often tastier than one bought in a cup.

The tomato you are going to sow will allow you to cultivate different varieties and find their true taste while having a lot of fun!

So multiply the varieties of tomatoes, it is the assurance of discovering new flavors

Follow our tomato sowing tips to have a good harvest:

Tomato sowing technique

You must first bring a suitable container.

For example, you will choose a box, tray of eggsor some buckets (pots), the latter being used more and more for this type of sowing.

When to sow tomatoes?

The culture of tomato lasts about 4 months, so it is better to start the sowing under cover early enough, from February or March in order to be able to plant in the month of May.

Start your indoor sowing from the month of February March at April, preferably in a greenhouse or at the edge of a window, avoiding direct sunlight.

It will be necessary to wait until the plant is well formed evening before planting it, outdoors, from mid-May.

In the southern regions, it is possible to sow in the ground as early as April.

But nothing prevents you from buying seedlings tomatoes already formed and replant them in your garden.

Start a tomato seedling:

Start by making a bed of gravel to facilitate drainage (2 to 3 cm).
While this is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to prevent the roots from rotting.

This is not mandatory if you are using containers such as egg trays, natural fiber scoops.

  • Add special seedling potting soil to 2/3 the height of the container and tamp lightly.

  • Then complete to fill to the top.

  • Sow the seeds.
    Space about 4 cm in any direction if this is a box.
    A few seeds are enough in the middle if it is a pot.

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After sowing, maintenance:

You should water regularly to keep the substrate slightly moist, without flooding the container.

The use of a small sprayer is recommended for the first few weeks.

  • It takes about a week above 20 ° to see the first germs appear.
    This is when the seedling needs the light the most.

  • For seedling in a box, transplant in a bucket as soon as the first leaves appear

  • Continue to water regularly and add a little organic fertilizer if necessary.

Transplant in the ground:

From the beginning of May, if there is no longer any risk of frost, plant in your vegetable patch or garden in soil enriched with potting soil.

  • Harvesting takes place around 4 to 6 months after sowing depending on the growing conditions

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