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Geraniums: taking good care of them

Geranium enchants our gardens, balconies and terraces all summer long.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Geranium or pelargonium
Family : Geraniaceae
Type : Perennial

Height : 20 cm to 1m
: Sunny
: Ordinary, enriched with potting soil

Flowering : Summer

Planting and repotting, maintenance and pruning, will greatly improve the flowering of geranium.

Planting geranium

Planting geranium is an important step because, done right, it improves the growth and flowering of your pelargoniums.

In containers and planters:

You can plant geranium from the month of March April in the regions soft climate, but they will have to be brought in in case of frost.

In order not to take any risks, wait until the end of the frost to put them outside, towards the May.

When planting in a planter, use potting soil, preferably special geraniums.

In the ground, in the garden:

Wait end of April even the mid-may in the northern regions to set them up and bring a special growing medium for geraniums to your land.

Respect a distance of 30 cm between each plant.

Geranium cuttings:

This plant is easily propagated by cuttings or by sowing under cover.

The cuttings will start from the end of summer by taking cuttings from stock plants or in spring to the resumption of vegetation.

Find our advice on geranium cuttings

Geranium care

We love taking care of our geraniums as much as seeing them bloom and something tells us that the more we take care of them, the more they bloom.

Maintenance, planting, watering, fertilizer, leaves that turn yellow.

Maintenance throughout the seasons:

  • No pruning is really necessary.
  • Remove faded flowers as you go, because they needlessly draw on the geranium's reserves.
  • Yellow leaves are common on geraniums, remove them as you go.
    Be careful, this can also be linked to excess water. If there is a lot, wait until the soil is dry before watering with organic fertilizer.

Improve flowering:

Thegeraniums fertilizer is particularly recommended for this plant if you want improve flowering.

It will also be necessary to think about water regularly, especially if they are in full sun because the geranium requires a lot of water.

Wintering - geranium in winter

As everyone knows, the geranium does not not frost resistant and they will have to be brought in at the first frost.

If youleave the geranium outside in winter, it will not grow back the following spring, unless it freezes not in your area.

It is therefore essential to keep them in a safe cool and airy place but above all frost protection.
This is the guarantee of a good wintering of your geraniums.

You then have 2 solutions:

For geraniums in pots and planters:

  • You bring the planters into a cool, dry and bright place before the first frosts.
  • The ideal storage temperature is between 10 and 15 °.
  • Cut the stems by about 2/3.
  • Reduce watering thenstop totally to water during the colder winter months.
  • Resume watering little by little from February March and you bring out your planters in the spring.

The ideal thing at this time is to repot the geraniums in new soil just before taking them out again.

For geraniums in the ground:

  • Pull up the geraniums just before the onset of the first frosts,
  • Cut off the end of the roots and prune the branches 2/3 of their length.
  • Store in a cool, bright place until spring arrives.
  • In the spring, you replant them in the ground in a mixture of soil and potting soil.

All you need to know about geranium

Geranium, which we should by the way normally called pelargonium, is well known for blooming most of our gardens, but also our window boxes, on balconies and terraces.

Both very decorative and very common in our countries, this flower with 5 petals will seduce you from the beginning of the spring until the first frosts.

There are more than 200 species and varieties geraniums; the interview is identical for each of them and all will give you satisfaction.

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Smart tip

To stimulate flowering, add special liquid organic geranium fertilizer in early spring and repeat the operation at the beginning of summer.

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