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Beetroot: benefits and virtues

Beets are cultivated for their fleshy roots, and used as a vegetable. There are three varieties of beets: yellow, white and red (the most consumed).

Beet leaves can be eaten raw or cooked like spinach. They are particularly rich in vitamins and minerals.

Beets are not grown only for their roots and leaves. It is also used for the production of sugar, molasses and alcohol, as well as forage plant.

It has always been used for treat different health problems. Which ? Find out more about this tuber.

  • Vegetable garden: how to grow beets

Beetroot, for the record

Native of the Mediterranean basin andCentral Asia, beet has been considered a vegetable sinceantiquity. However, it was not until the 19th century that beets spread throughout the country.Europe.

In Switzerland and Savoy, beetroot is also called "red carrot".

Beetroot: virtues and health benefits

Beet roots contain a high quality of vitamin C, while its leaves are a source of vitamin A. They are also sources of fibers, offolic acid and D'antioxidants.

The betanin, one of the pigments that gives beets its color, is said to reduce the appearance of skin cancer, of liver and lung. For their part, the carotenoids (beet leaves), could help prevent certain cancers, including breast cancer and the lung cancer.

The beet juice, meanwhile, rich in nitrates, would reduce the cost of oxygen during continuous efforts: which would have positive effects on sports performance.

The high nitrate content of the root also helps to lower the blood pressure, and thus fight againsthypertension.

Beet has a strong power antioxidant. Regular consumption contributes to intestinal well-being and at strengthening of the immune system. It would also help relieve headache.

The consumption of beet leaves would fight against macular degeneration, the cataract and that of the retinitis pigmentosa.

Recent studies have shown that beets can reduce levels of bad cholesterol and increase those of good cholesterol in the body.

Use, dosage, instructions for use

Beet is eaten cooked or flood. Grated or cut into thin slices, you can taste it in salad.

Red beet can also be enjoyed by dessert.

The beet leaves are cooked in the same way as spinach.

You also have the possibility to taste beet juice as you wish.

Growing beets

Beet is one of the most easy to grow. She is robust and resistant. She doesn't fear the cold.

  • Vegetable garden: how to grow beets

Beetroot likes any terrain, it particularly appreciates soft and light soils.

Sow in shallow furrows, 30 cm apart, in March-April the half-long to long varieties, in April-May or even June for the round or flat varieties.

The beet harvest period lasts from late May to August, depending on the planting period.

Smart tip

Thanks to the folic acid strongly present in beets, this vegetable is recommended for pregnant women.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor.

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