May in the garden, all the advice

May is one of the most important months of the year for your garden!

The vegetation has regained its rights and the flowers, trees, shrubs and roses are developing spectacularly.

As for the vegetable garden, it is the resumption of seedlings and plantings that will give tasty vegetables in summer or fall.

Whether for the garden, the lawn, the terrace or the vegetable patch, gardening in May is highly recommended to have a beautiful garden throughout the summer ...

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Trees and shrubs in May

Now is the time to plant your trees and shrubs purchased in containers or pots.

Planting is one of the most important moments in the life of plants.

It conditions its future development and must therefore be done according to the rules of the art.

Roses in May

They are without a doubt one of the most beautiful plants in our gardens.
It requires a lot of care because it is fragile.

  • There is still time to plant your roses purchased in containers or pots
    Tips for planting a rose bush
  • Cut gourmets as short as possible. These are the shoots that start from the root but are not part of the main stem. They weaken the rose bush and affect flowering.
  • Tie the climbing roses to keep them close to their support.
  • Watch out for aphid attacks and treat if necessary following our advice
  • Spray a fungicide preventatively to prevent black spot disease.
  • Remove faded flowers as you go.

Lawn and grass in May

It is the greenest time of year because the temperature is ideal and it rains enough.

Fruit trees in May

Now is the time to plant your fruit trees and shrubs.

  • This planting step will condition the future harvest.
    Follow our advice on planting fruit trees
  • Preventively fight against the fruit worm, the codling moth.
    Follow our codling moth control tips.
  • Stone fruit trees are susceptible to fungal diseases, such as the blister or the monilia.
    These diseases require preventive treatment based on Bordeaux mixture.
  • Treat Vine and prune the vineIf it's not done yet.

Garden flowers

May 1 is the traditional day of Lily of the valley, it announces a month of superb blooms in the garden, colors and scents.

  • Now is the time to plant your perennials, but also to sow annuals and biennials.
  • Also plant the summer bulbs in following our advice

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  • Remove faded flowers as you go
  • Cut spring bulb flowers as short as possible, but only when the foliage is completely yellow.
    This is important, because if you cut it green, your bulbs will not have time to build up their reserves.

Terraces and balcony flowers

Now is the time to make your planters.

  • Your plants will thrive a lot, if they are well cared for.
    Be careful not to over tighten them, as this could affect not only their growth but also their flowering.
  • The geraniums can be put outside if there is no risk of freezing.
    It is best to wait until mid-May in most areas.
  • Take advantage of your space to grow your own aromatic plants

Among the most common and easy to grow, we have the Basilic, chervil, parsley, dill, sorrel or chives

Vegetable garden

It is an important month in the vegetable garden because it is the month of most of the seedlings.

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You can sow in the ground:

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