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Quinoa: nourishing seed with multiple virtues

Quinoa: nourishing seed with multiple virtues

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Annual herbaceous plant belonging to the family of Chenopodiaceae, quinoa is - like buckwheat - a "pseudo-grain" close to amaranth,spinach and the of beet.

Originally from South America, the quinoa is famous for its multiple varieties, the nutrients it contains but also for its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. In periods of gel or drought, exposed to winds, at altitude, on soils poor or in arid environments, quinoa thrives without a hitch.

In tribute to the Andean peoples - who have known how to preserve for more than 5000 years the ancestral practices and techniques of quinoa cultivation - the United Nations has declared 2013 the "International Year of Quinoa".

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A bit of history around quinoa

Drawing its roots from the word Spanish « quinua », Itself derived from Peruvian « quechua " which means "mother of all grains », Quinoa was cultivated in the highlands by the

Incas, who called her "chisiya mama". Like corn, beans or potatoes, it was very popular with South American people, before being "forgotten" around the 15th.e century, marked by the “colonization” of the American continent by Christophe Collomb.

Later, around the 1970s, quinoa reappeared, and for its nutritional values, is recognized worldwide as an ally of a Healthy eating and balanced.

Characteristics of quinoa

There are 2 main families of quinoa:

  • the sweet quinoa,
  • the bitter quinoa - well known in France - whose seeds contain a high content of saponin (toxic substance).

Quinoa is characterized by:

  • plants whose leaves, stems and flowers may be red, orange, green, spotted, etc. depending on the variety,
  • seeds, very small with a nutty flavor
  • a texture reminiscent of caviar.

Rich in carbohydrates, this pseudo-cereal is available in several varieties the most widespread of which are red, black or white.

Benefits of quinoa and medicinal virtues

Also called "rice of Peru" or "rice of the Incas", quinoa is a rich food in protein, in iron but low in calories and fat. True source of nutrients (omega 3, manganese, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, zinc) and vitamins (Vitamin B2, C, E) - mostly contained in its germ - quinoa is known to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and the cardiovascular illnesses. As for fibers what contains quinoa flour, they improve the digestion and preserve some cancers, including that of the colon. Starchy supercharged, quinoa contains all the essential nutritional elements for weight maintenance. Thanks to its average glycemic index, it is preferred for slimming diet and recommended to fight againstobesity and the cholesterol.

True antioxidant, anti-infective and healing, quinoa seeds are an ally to regenerate red blood cells, strengthen teeth, bones and muscle tissue. Recommended in the diet of sportsmen, pregnant women and lactating, the nourishing seeds of Peruvian rice contribute to the development of the fetus, and have a beneficial effect on the tired, the stress and theintellectual activity.

Use, recipe ideas with quinoa

Before cooking, the quinoa seeds should be washed well several times with plenty of water to remove any bitter traces of saponin.

Cooked sweet or savory, it makes it possible to diversify the diet without risk of deficiencies, and replaces pasta, semolina, wheat and rice as an accompaniment.

Very digest, quinoa can be added to soups or tomato fillings, eaten in salads or serve as an ingredient for successful pie crusts (quiche, pizza, etc.), pancakes and cakes.

Moreover, if it is suitable for vegetarians, quinoa is - because of the saponin - not recommended for children under 2 years old.

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