Cerastium tomentosum: planting and care

Cerastium tomentosum: planting and care

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Cerastium tomentosum :

Latin name : Cerastium tomentosum
Common name : Céraiste
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Type : Persistent perennial

Harbor : In tuft
Height : 10 to 15 cm
Planting density : 5 to 6 feet per m²
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Any type, but well drained

Flowering : Abundant in May, June

Pretty ground cover perennialwith narrow blue-gray foliage, the Cerastium tomentosumwill embellish your flower beds with its abundant small white star-shaped flowers with jagged petals.

Planting Cerastium tomentosum

Without particular constraintsnecessary for its development, you are spoiled for choice as to its location (limestone, acidic or neutral soil; clayey, sandy or loam soil).

You just have to be careful that theexposure is sunny.

For planting,

  • Dig a hole about twenty centimeters high. It is not necessary to go deeper, the roots do not exceed 15 to 20 cm.
  • At the bottom of this hole, add a drainage layerto prevent water from stagnating.
  • You can opt for gravel, pozzolana or even clay balls.

Maintenance of Cerastium tomentosum

The ceraistedon't ask no particular maintenance.

If you find the wilted flowers unsightly, you can prune them right after flowering has finished: new leaves will be created and form a nice, even silvery plant cushion.

Multiplication of Cerastium tomentosum:

Multiply the Cerastium tomentosumis very simple: just divide it.

To do this, tear off the base of the plant with a garden fork and then fragment it with your hands.

In principle, you should not encounter resistance at the roots. All that remains is to transplant the new plants.

Diseases Cerastium tomentosum

The Cerastiumis a vigorous and resistant plant. Therefore, it is usually not affected by diseases and pests.

Employment and association

An excellent ground cover, this perennial is ideal in borderor in the foreground in a massive.

His vigor and resistance also allow him to be at ease in rockeryor on a low wallwhere it will be the most beautiful effect by falling back into the void after reaching the edges.

The Cerastium tomentosumcan be associated with other perennials with gray-blue foliage such as:

  • Artemisia (arborescens, A. schmidtiana‘Nana’, A. stelleriana) ;
  • Achillea(umbellata, A. ageratifolia, A. tomentosa) ;
  • Anaphalis(margaritacea, A. triplinervis) ;
  • Alyssum saxatile;
  • Festuca glauca.

You will thus create a nice silver shades.

Conversely, you can also play on contrastsand, in this case, you will opt for:

  • Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’;
  • Persicaria affinis;
  • Armeria(maritima, A. juniperifolia) ;
  • Iberis sempervirens.

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