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'Black Crimean' tomato: planting and care

There are many varieties of tomatoes, and some of them stand out more than others.

This is the case with the Crimean black tomato.

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Origins of the Black Crimean tomato

As its name suggests, it comes from Crimea; a peninsula located in the south of Ukraine. Its characteristic dark purple color is also the origin of its name.

It is only for about thirty years that the Crimean black tomato has been present in our vegetable gardens. However, its large, fleshy fruits (up to 500 g.), With a sweet flavor and containing few seeds, guarantee it a success that does not weaken over time.

Plantation of the Crimean Black


  • in April, soak your seeds for a day;
  • sow them in buckets and place them under a cold frame;
  • once raised, plant the young feet in the ground.

Smart tip:

use plastic water bottles as cups. The plants will then create long roots capable of collecting minerals deep down.

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Whether they are store-bought, or you have grown them yourself, plant your tomato plants in May, spacing them 40 to 50 cm each.

For better recovery, tilt the plants slightly and bury the base of their stems to the first leaves. This part will create new roots and bring vigor to the foot.

Smart tip:

Remember to stake your black Crimean tomatoes at the time of planting so as not to damage the roots.

Culture and maintenance

Like all tomatoes, Crimean black needs water. Water it regularly at the base and do not wet the foliage.

When the fruits appear, start lightly stripping your tomato plants by removing the leaves from the bottom. By doing this, the tomatoes will ripen faster.

Smart tip:

Be careful, however, not to be too severe in pruning, as it is the foliage that also sustains the plant.

Diseases and pests

The main disease of Crimean black tomato is downy mildew. On the pest side, it is mainly the caterpillars of the moth and the white fly (also called whitefly) that attack the plants.

Harvest and conservation

Crimean black tomato is harvested from mid-July until the end of October.

To fully enjoy the nutritional benefits of fruits, it is best to take them according to your needs. If there is any excess, you can store them for about a week in the refrigerator.

Black Crimean in the kitchen

The fleshy fruit of the Crimean black tomato and its mild flavor make it an excellent candidate for your summer salads.

The dark color of its flesh will also provide a slight contrast to the other ingredients.

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