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Eucalyptus: the ally of the respiratory tract

Eucalyptus: the ally of the respiratory tract

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Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is an evergreen, fragrant bluish foliage tree of the Myrtaceae family, native to Australia.

It is now cultivated in the subtropical regions of Asia and the Mediterranean basin and its leaves, recognized for their benefits and virtues on health, are used in the manufacture of many pharmaceutical preparations.

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Eucalyptus and its health benefits

  • The benefits of eucalyptus on respiratory tracts are widely known to all. This is an excellent bronchial antiseptic which goes into the composition of many syrups and suppositories.
  • Eucalyptus infusion (30 g of leaves per liter of water) is a powerful expectorant and one fluidifying phlegm. Its reputation is well established to relieve chronic or acute bronchitis.
  • Also, in respiratory ailments in general,colds,and sore throat.
  • Aperitif and digestive, eucalyptus is a valuable ally for patients with breathing difficulties.
  • Antispasmodic and astringent, eucalyptus helps fight against inflammation of the digestive system and intestine.
  • The mucolytic properties eucalyptus leaves to thin the mucus of the respiratory tract, they are ideal in addition to asthma treatments.
  • To relieve rheumatism, the headache and the migraines, you can use essential oil of eucalyptus, diluted in sweet almond oil, rubbed on the body.
  • Eucalyptus gargles relieve them irritations throat and allow you to stop the onset of a cold or disinfect the respiratory tract.
  • Dispersed in the atmosphere, eucalyptus essential oil has propertiesantiseptics and anti-infective : spray in your office or home to protect yourself fromcolds and flu.
  • Eucalyptus is also a mosquito repellent : it is planted near the marshes to clean them up.
  • Theeucalyptus essence goes into the making of some candies.

Growing eucalyptus for its benefits

If you want to grow eucalyptus, choose a location sunny, hot and sheltered from the wind. The soil should be fairly light, cool, well-drained and acidic.

The yield of eucalyptus pot is fine if you choose a planter of at least 30 cm. In this case, the eucalyptus will take a bushy harbor. However, he will be more sensitive to the cold, beware.

Know that there are close to 500 species of eucalyptus but they all have similar properties.

  • Gardening: how to grow eucalyptus well

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