Peach leaf curl: effective treatments

The peach leaf curl is characterized by the appearance of swollen, reddish leaves on a to fish.

Preventive treatment is needed to prevent it.

This fungus (taphrina deformans) is the more formidable that the peach or theapricot tree.

If the damage can be controlled with a adequate treatment and at good time, peach leaf curl can nevertheless lead to loss of harvest.

Recognize the peach leaf curl

This disease mainly affects different varieties of peach trees but can also affectapricot tree or thealmond.

  • Blisters appear on the leaves in spring.
  • They take on a yellow, orange and red color before turning brown and finally falling off.
  • The twigs become deformed and the branches no longer have their normal appearance.

Peach leaf curl cycle

The peach leaf curl fungus overwinters as a spore in the buds and in the hollows formed by the twigs.

  • As soon as the temperature reaches 10 ° the fungus develops by developing a large number of spores
  • Like most fungi, therefore, they appear in rather hot weather, when the surrounding air is still humid.

So it was before this period, at the end of winter and at early spring, that we must act but alsoin autumn, at the time of leaf fall.

Remember that for peach leaf curl nothing replaces the preventive treatment, the only effective against this fungus

  • When the peach leaf curl has appeared it is often too late.

Preventive treatment

Treatment for peach leaf curl takes place in the fall and spring. It is important to respect these 2 periods.

In autumn,

When the leaves are falling: collect the leaves, burn them to prevent the disease from spending the winter in your garden.

  • Then carry out a spray based on Bordeaux mixture.
  • This step is essential in order not to see the blister appear in the spring.

In spring,

Spray again with Bordeaux mixture.

  • The entire foliage is sprayed to run off the spray from February-March and through May every two weeks.

Peach blossom and garlic:

Fans of natural and organic solutions do not hesitate to apply a garlic-based treatment:

Garlic decoction recipe:

  • Peel 150 g of the garlic clove
  • Chop the garlic and add a little olive oil
  • Leave to macerate for 2 hours.
  • Then mix with 1 liter of water.
  • Filter
  • Spray this decoction by diluting 1/2 liter to 2 liters of water

You can also plant garlic at the foot of the peach tree, this helps keep the leaf curl away.

Peach leaf curl and peach harvest:

If the peach leaf curl attack takes place very early in the season, it can destroy any chance of harvesting peaches.

On the other hand, if the blister appears when the fruits are already well formed, it is very likely that the peach harvest will not be compromised.

To do this, take our advice seriously.

Curative treatment for blister

Unfortunately, there is no cure for peach leaf curl. We can simply prevent the spread of peach leaf curl.

  • It is then necessary to remove the affected leaves, remove the most affected branches and spray again with Bordeaux mixture.

Regular maintenance of the peach tree is necessary:

This interview aims to to reinforce fruit trees and therefore improve fruiting.

  • It is therefore important, each winter, to carry out a fruiting size.
    On the peach tree, however, you must avoid pruning too much at the risk of weakening the tree.

Add organic fertilizer in the spring and mulch the foot of the tree to protect the roots from winter frosts and summer heat.

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