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Strawberry: benefits and virtues

Strawberry: benefits and virtues

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Small but full of flavor and nutritional value, strawberries weigh only a few grams, barely more than when they were discovered in the woods long ago.

It is appreciated naturally as a dessert but also as a jam and why not by integrating it into savory dishes.

The strawberry, by its contentvitamin C, is one of the most interesting fruits for recharging your batteries.

  • Vegetable garden: how to grow strawberries well
  • Cooking: strawberry recipes

Strawberries and their health benefits

From March, we feast on the first spring strawberries grown in greenhouses. Fleshy and tender, strawberries also allow you to recharge batteries after winter thanks to very interesting properties.

Low in calories and antioxidant, strawberries can be eaten without limit!

But it also has other virtues and health benefits ...

  • The roots and leaves of the strawberry plant are diuretics. It has long been used for kidney and bladder problems. It is also believed to have benefits in cases of rheumatism.
  • Another virtue of strawberry leaves and roots: they are astringent and are very effective against diarrhea and the enteritis (inflammation of the intestine) but also in gargles against angina.
  • The strawberry, laxative and diuretic is recommended against arthritis, the calculationsand the rheumatism. Small problem, however: some people are allergic, watch out for hives.
  • Last but not least, the strawberry beautifies the complexion !

Did you know ?

In the botanical sense of the word, strawberries are not fruits. The fruits are considered to be mature ovaries. But strawberries are actually false fruits, formed by the growth of the end of the peduncle and covered with "grains" which are the real fruits!

  • Internal use:

Decoction of crushed leaves and roots: About 30 g / l of water. Let boil for a few minutes and drink at will during the day. Against urinary disorders and diarrhea.

Strawberry leaf herbal tea : 20 to 40 g / l of water. Pick the leaves in the spring and dry them. Diuretic, excellent tea substitute.

> Beauty tip based on strawberries:

Strawberry beauty mask: just apply crushed strawberries to the cleansed face and hold with gauze. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse.

Growing strawberries for its benefits

The strawberry plant needs full sun. It is this which gives strawberries their flavor and guarantees them a high sugar content. The strawberry plant is rustic, it tolerates frost in all French regions.

As for the soil, it must be rich and well drained, not too chalky. Regular weeding is recommended.

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  1. Vegetable garden: how to grow strawberries well

Strawberries in the kitchen for its benefits

Flood, strawberries can be enjoyed plain or with sugar. It is delicious in pastries, ice creams, coulis, compotes, jams but strawberries. does not support long cooking.

The scent of strawberries becomes stronger when it is served almost lukewarm, quickly passed to the pan or on the grill.

Strawberries go perfectly with crème fraîche, wine, exotic fruits, citrus fruits and spices (especially ginger and mint).

  1. Cooking: strawberry recipes

Gourmet ideas:

Cheesecake with strawberries, old-fashioned strawberry or raw strawberry tart, strawberry, Strawberry jam, strawberry square ... Doesn't that make your mouth water?

Nutritional benefits of strawberries:

30 kcal / 100 g. Strawberries are made up of approximately 90% water with only 5% carbohydrates. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C (65 mg / 100 g, so more than orange). Strawberries also contain vitamins B9but also fibers and various mineral salts such as potassium (160 mg / 100 g), bromine, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, selenium and sulfur.

Strawberries, thanks to folic acid (vitamin B9), delay cellular aging.

Store the strawberry well

The earlier it is consumed, the better it will be. This is what can sum up the strawberry for its conservation.

But it is also possible to keep for up to 2 days when they are not trimmed and if they have not been handled too much.

Keep them in the refrigerator, in the vegetable drawer and in their tray, and take them out 1/2 hour before consuming them because strawberries are never as good as when they are at room temperature.

Note that it is best to avoid freezing strawberries.

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