Mushrooms come to the garden

Mushrooms come to the garden

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You don't have to go into the forest to find mushrooms.

They also grow in gardens.

Some are edible, but beware, others can be poisonous.

Know the edible mushrooms

Little is known about the fungi that grow on lawns and they do not necessarily have a good reputation. The advantage is that they are quite easy to spot. The downside is that they catch the eye of children and cause parents to worry. The caution is not to touch it. If you want to eliminate them, it is better to collect them gently by removing the mycelium and placing them in a bag. You can also mower, but you risk dispersing the spores which will cause them to grow back.

If there are no young children in the garden, you can easily let the mushrooms grow there and try to identify them. Most are safe and belong to the saprophyte family, that is, feed on dead organic matter. They are usually found on an old tree trunk, stump, rotting roots, or at the base of lawn grasses.

Mushrooms consumable or not

Others attack conifers, weakened deciduous trees or shrubs and are capable of killing them. The most common species of these necrotrophs is the honey-colored armillaria, which parasitizes the trunks. This mushroom is eaten in Eastern Europe but is not appreciated here. Rightly so because it is poisonous raw and edible well cooked but frankly indigestible!

Be careful, poisonous mushrooms from the forest can also be found in your garden, near trees. This is particularly the case of the coiled Paxilla with its hat ridged on the brim and scorching gills, or the fly agaric, often spotted near birch trees.

Nonetheless, there are clearly more sympathetic species such as russulas (great, whole, edible) enjoying the underside of deciduous trees and which can be cooked, or meadow rosés, from the button mushroom family that can be tasted both raw and fried. Do not hesitate to show your home pick-up to a pharmacist, before you sit down to eat.

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