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Lawn and lawn in the fall: how to take care of it

Lawn and lawn in the fall: how to take care of it

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The end of summer and fall is arguably the best time to create or renovate a lawn.

This is when temperatures allow for quick emergence and good rooting before winter.

Regular maintenance also helps keep a beautiful lawn in your garden for a long time.

Most of the work is done in the fall, as is the maintenance of your mower

Create and sow a lawn

If you have chosen to sow and create your own lawn, follow our guide for sure success

This operation is not very complicated and can even become a great pleasure, especially when you start to see the first shoots emerging from the ground.

To be carried out when the temperature is still greater than 12 ° imperatively.

So get the few necessary tools and get started in creation of your own lawn.

  • Our advice for sowing your lawn

Renovate your lawn

Your lawn is now a few years old and you would like to make it a facelift in order to give it back its youthful colors.

Fall is a good time to maintain and renovate a damaged lawn.

Follow our stages of lawn renovation and you will enjoy a beautiful garden and a beautiful lawn for a few more years.

  • Follow the guide to renovate your lawn

Scarify your lawn in the fall

Every year it is desirable toperform scarification.
This operation, far from being essential, is very useful for cleaning, aerating and reviving your lawn.

At the end of summer, your lawn has suffered a lot from the heat and needs a little whiplash to start afresh.

Simple and fast, scarification gives very good results and your garden will come out much more beautiful.

  • Follow the guide to properly scarify your lawn

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