Fancy a dog? Here are some ideas ...

Fancy a dog? Here are some ideas ...

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The arrival of a four-legged companion must be a thoughtful act, because the first year holds its share of surprises.

We have to ask ourselves the right questions.

Which breed to choose?

Letting yourself be seduced only by an animal's physique is a mistake, it is wiser to make sure that its character matches its personal situation:

  • Are you single ?
  • In a relationship with ?
  • With children?
  • Retirement ?
  • How long do you have to take it out?
  • Are you sporty ?
  • Will he be alone during the day?
  • Do you live in a house or an apartment?
  • What budget can you devote to it (food, grooming, veterinary care, vacations ...)
  • Will he have to live with other animals?
  • Have you thought about its size and weight?

Obtain breed information

If you are unsure of the choice of your companion, you can consult the website of the Central Canine Society. You will access a detailed sheet of recognized breeds and find the addresses of serious breeders. It lists the date of the dog shows. These exhibitions can allow you to meet the desired breed and passionate professionals who will give you sound advice.

When you have made your decision,do not rush, because an error of castingcan be disastrous and experienced as failure. Take the time to go see the breeder. Make sure that the farm is clean and that it is invested in socialization. The first few weeks of a puppy are essential. If he has not been stimulated (games, learning noises, meeting with other animals, children, men and women, etc.) he will be fearful and exhibit behavioral problems. Don't hesitate to say no and go for miles, because you will be living with your dog for about 15 years.

Even better :

Obtain the opinion of a person who has bought a puppy at the breeding (forum, relation ...)

When the purchase is decided, choose the one that will come to you. Avoid the one who climbs on top of his siblings, this is definitely the dominant of the litter.

Mandatory documents when purchasing

The breeder must give you certain documents:

  • A certificate of sale (signed by both parties)
  • The breeding declaration if it is an LOF puppy (for confirmation)
  • The birth certificate (to be returned to the canine center)
  • The vaccination record (on departure, the first injection of the primary vaccination must be given)
  • Certificate of good health
  • His pedigree

All puppies must be tattooed or microchipped and dewormed.

A serious breeder will give you a booklet with advice and a packet of kibble. Some offer a few hours of training.

To avoid :

  • Buy a dog for which you have no traceability, no details of its past.
  • Acquire a puppy under two months old. This is the minimum time it takes for him to identify with his species; learn through play (with siblings and mother's education) hierarchy and submission; become familiar with noises, situations and all living things without being afraid of them.

Purebred dog or mongrel

To consider : If your budget does not allow you to buy a purebred dog (1000 euros on average), a mongrel can give you just as much satisfaction. He will be less fragile and will live longer. Word of mouth and classifieds can be of great help in your research. Again, take the time to reflect and collect as much information as possible about this potential companion.

Still hesitating? Why not become a foster family. The SPA where theGRAIL propose to entrust adult dogs the time to find them a permanent home. Food and health costs are covered. It's a way of having a great experience without permanent commitment.

Still hesitating? You have the choice of the refuge. But beware, these dogs often have behavioral problems. You have to learn about their history. A successful adoption is always rewarding. We give a lot and we receive more. Note that from a certain age (75 years old in most cases), you will be refused this option. Some breeders agree to place animals that are no longer able to reproduce. You can try your luck.

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To meditate :

“To love dogs is to love the safest and best in them that we humans have. "

Madeleine Chapsal French writer


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