Vegetable garden plants dying

Vegetable garden plants dying

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Vegetable garden plants dying


I have about 10 tomato plants in the garden, all started from seed, some have died over the last year, some seem fine, and some look OK, but the roots have started to rot and turn black on the ends. It is most apparent at the top of the root, but all the tips look bad, and the leaves have started to curl. The leaves appear to be fine on the main trunk of the plant. I have watered and the garden is well drained. I suspect the soil is pretty wet, but the area where the plants are is dry. Is it possible they are a few days too old? Have seen this before, but it only takes a few days to dry out as it is now, so I thought that would have been the case. Any ideas of what can be done to stop the rot? The leaves curl back from the tip quite quickly, and are very stiff, but I know I will loose the fruit at the end of the season.


I thought that would have been the case too, so I added more water and have also cut back to leave a few stalks, but this week all the stalks are drying out as I write, so I am beginning to wonder whether this will be the end.



Thanks for that, Peter. That was very helpful. This is the last week and my plants look a little better as a result of your instructions. I will now move them to a drier place. They are in large pots, so it will take some time to do this. I have also removed the last of the dying plants. I wish I had planted them earlier. I was just getting into vegetable growing and it was so much fun.


Hi,Peter, sorry for slow response. If you were to do a little research on "soil aeration" you would probably find some good information. Basically, if you have a clod of soil, try to flatten it out, then if you can you try to dig out a round hole in it. The best time to do this is when the soil is warm and damp. If you can't dig out a round hole then try to flatten out a clod until you can.

If this happens frequently you can dig up your plants and move them to a new spot. This can also happen with a clay soil and you will need to use a different growing medium. The problem you will probably find is that you have a clay soil that has a lot of sand in it. It will need to be worked over and then you should also use a different kind of growing medium.

The best way to do this is to have one large pot to grow all the plants in. Then remove your plants from this pot and place them in a different pot. Then in this new pot you can also move all the other soil out of the old pot and mix it into this new pot. The soil that was in the old pot and the soil in the new pot will come together to make a mixture that will work well for all the plants. This soil mixing will take time and patience.

To really increase the aeration of your clay soil you will need to put stones, sand or pebbles in the soil. Then when you water you can also mix in more soil and mix it around to increase the aeration.

After your plants get big enough to do this it will be easy to do it.

Aeration is the key to a healthy soil.



I've tried to explain this to my mom about soil aeration. She just doesn't understand. I have a "pot" about 18 inches deep. We keep the pot in my closet. It's very humid here in Florida. When I water the pot, I try to mix in all the dirt to make sure that there is a lot of air. The next time that I water the pot I just move the dirt over the soil and mix in the dirt. I mix the pots up, moving them every 2 weeks. I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance and smell of my roses. The soil is more moist and looks better. The stems are straighter and sturdier. I just keep moving them until they are ready.

I do not have a green thumb so I just keep mixing them up as I water them. They get a lot bigger and better.

I read that the old way of aeration was to pull out all of the old soil and move it to a different pot. So I'm thinking I'm doing something right.

Soil is one of those things that needs time to heal.


I had a green thumb for years. I never thought there was anything wrong with my soil, and then one day I saw your post. I went to the garden center and I could no longer look at the soil I was paying for.

So I stopped growing for a couple of years, and now when I start growing again, I check the soil and see if it has improved or not. I just make sure that I don't add any pebbles, rocks, gravel, or sand to the soil. I use a shovel instead of a tiller to mix it up.

I have to admit, I miss growing plants from seed.

Don't worry about having to tiller the soil for a while. It takes months for the soil to "heal".

My plants were dying like crazy.I was getting very upset with the results, and it wasn't helping that my friend was constantly telling me that my soil was okay. The soil was fine, my rose bushes were dying. It was time to get serious about it. It was like having a bad hair day. So I stopped trying to grow things from seed and I just started buying plants at the garden center.

For the next couple of years I didn't have to deal with growing things from seed anymore. I could just go to the garden center and buy whatever I wanted. It's been quite a few years, but now I rarely buy anything at the garden center. All the soil, plants, and pots are purchased online. I've seen a lot of gardening sites that I use to research for new plants, or to check out new plant varieties. I've also seen a lot of gardening sites that recommend plants that I don't want to grow. They're always talking about how good or bad the soil is for different plants.

I had plants dying on me, and all I could do was get more plants at the garden center. The gardening sites I visit told me to buy plants and that I should be OK. They don't care if the plants die. They want to sell me more plants so they can get paid.

It's not all bad news though. The plants I bought that were sold online died because they were either not happy, or weren't happy with their environment. That's why I think I don't grow things from seed. Plants from seed are not like the plants that I purchase online. If you don't have a green thumb, you're never going to get the same results. Plants purchased online are selected by a computer, or by people like the people from sites like mine. It's not the same as selecting plants by hand, you can't feel the soil, you can't see how happy they are.

I think the garden sites are the worst for selling plants. Many of the seeds are just like a cookie-cutter for someone who has a green thumb. I don't get the idea that it's a cookie-cutter because they