Craftsman landscape design ideas

Craftsman landscape design ideas

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Sometimes a phone call or email conversation can help clear up any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at or send us an email. Get started below:. Priority number one was the front yard renovation.

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Wooden arbor with gate

The potted flowers on the porch need to have a good scent, color, texture, and history. Plenty of old fashioned plants to make it authentic. I love my Craftsman style porch. Its a destination almost every afternoon soon as supper is finished. And all day long, I think of things that will be interesting and fun to talk about. No use sitting on the porch if there is going to be an awkward silence.

Love Anna's Craftsman style porch? See how she decorates with beautiful flowers. Content and photos may not be reproduced in any way without our written permission. At no extra cost to you, we earn a commission by referring you to some products on merchant sites.

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First Name optional. I am at least 16 years of age. I have read and accept the privacy policy. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. Mary and I love Craftsman homes and know you'll enjoy seeing Anna's. Anna lives with her husband in a beautiful new Craftsman style home that Anna designed. Their home is located in North Carolina. Except for a short 20 years traveling with her husband during his Air Force career, Anna has always lived in North Carolina.

Her family goes back to the mid 's to this area. Anna's beautiful craftsman style porch and flower garden "The garden is key to a successful porch. Anna : That means a lot to me as I am very serious about porch time with friends. I'm so glad you love my Craftsman style porch! Mary : Yes, and your home is simply beautiful! What inspired you to design a Craftsman style home and porch?

Anna : I'm from this area and there is a strong Craftsman style look to many of the older homes that I grew up in. My great uncle built several of them. Having wonderful memories of wide front porches where everyone enjoyed great food and conversation has stuck lovingly to my character. I carried those memories around with me from the time I got married until I returned home after my husband's Air Force career inI have always known how I wanted my home to look and how wide the porches needed to be.

Both front and back porches accommodate plenty of space to spread out and get comfortable in a rocker or a swing. Even though we retired in from the service, we could not afford to build this home untilI was willing to wait until I could add all the Craftsman style features stored away in my brain for future design. My home also has a Moravian flare with its arched inner doors and cottage personality - flowing gardens and quaint seating areas.

My home is all about entertaining so the outdoors meets the inside aroma of home cooking. When my family is all gathered here, we spill out to the porches and someone is always in a swing. I have three porch swings and plenty of rocking chairs, too. We have three big porches - one on the front and two off the back. One is a screened porch off the entire back family room. Mary : We love your Craftsman style front porch. It's a great outdoor room from the bead board ceiling and the comfortable wicker chairs and porch swing to the wonderful flowers and rug.

The green shakes on your home really add a lot of color and ambiance to your porch as well. Would you tell us a bit more about the layout and the furnishings of your Craftsman style porch? Anna : Over the years I have collected odd bits of wicker. I have also saved up assorted materials that complement each other to create a cottage look.

I like to hug a pillow while I sit and read we have many pillows covered in an assortment of patterns. I have spoiled my family with plush places to sit so the cushions are a bit on the soft side.

If they come to visit then it's my goal to make it hard for them to leave. I have even got afghans out there for my daughter-in-law who stays on the chilly side.I am a gardener and have always loved the color sage green so even the cedar shakes on the porch are that beautiful color. I'm a nature lover so sage green fits my personality. I think it's such a quiet color and we've used it throughout our home.

The layout of the porch had to be big enough for seating on both sides of the porch and include room for the swing. I like to sit across from the person I'm talking to.

A porch needs to be wide to allow for that. The outdoor rug makes it an outdoor room just like you'd have in a real living room. That area will forever change as the cushions are traded out during the seasons and I like to create different looks. I have plans to put a book shelf out there and fill it with gardening books. Mary : We love the abundance of comfort and hospitality of your front porch.

Have porches always been a part of your life? Anna : Yes, I come from a long line of porch people. My grandmother and great aunt were master porch sitters and decorators. They did not have air conditioners so being outside was the most comfortable place to be.

They were also outgoing and talked every chance they got about the neighborhood gossip. I'm no different and attract people like flies on a doughnut. We women of the porch sitting society are serious about our refreshments and linens for the occasion. I have recently been sewing up some pretty napkins for a few teas I will be hosting soon. And, of course, I keep the everyday napkins around for those that drop by.

I want to be ready no matter the visitor or time of day. Tea is always ready. I got so excited this week cause I found a place that sells pretty tea cups in floral patterns. I also serve iced tea and little cakes that take the edge off a otherwise grumpy hot day. Please describe how you made those. The fabric is gorgeous.

You also mentioned that you can put them in the washer. Do you mean the cushion covers? Do they just slip off? That's a great idea to be able to wash your cushions. Anna : Oh yes, you have to be able to wash your cushions in this hot humid south. I sew the cushion covers like envelopes that overlap.

I leave the seam open in the back and stuff the content inside. I sometimes secure it closed with a button latch. You make the covers by taking one long piece of fabric the width of your cushion. The length must go around the cushion and overlap a good bit in the back. Fold down the ends and bring them around so they overlap.

Sew right side together at the side seams. What you end up with is a oblong square with an open back where the pillow is inserted. It rarely needs a closure if the fit is not too tight. I try to use pretty but inexpensive sheets. Right now I have a pretty tapestry material I bartered for when I made a shop owner her entry flower containers. It was a good deal for both of us. Mary : Your flower gardens are awesome. Have you always had a green thumb, Anna?

For someone wanting a lovely, colorful cottage garden around their porch that does not require too much fuss, do you have some suggestions for plants? We'd appreciate any advice you can give for keeping a flower garden looking great. Anna : I can't give you an easy answer but I will try to give you a workable one. Most important thing is to have the best soil.

11 Landscape Design Ideas Shaping Up Your Summer Dream Home

Craftsman-style architecture in the United States dates back to the early s and came about as an outgrowth of the English Arts and Crafts movement. Stressing the importance of simplicity, function and craftsmanship as well as blending into the natural landscape surrounding the building, the Craftsman home became the embodiment of a new of architecture, eschewing the Victorian Era architecture and machine-made production. If a house was built using the actual plans published in Stickley's magazine, it was considered a true Craftsman home. Specifically, the term American Craftsman or Craftsman style are used to note the architecture, interior design and decorative arts that were widespread between the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, roughly to

See the latest news and architecture related to Craftsman, Craftsmanship is one of those topics which it seems almost everyone has a strong opinion.

How to update a tudor style home interior

As the name suggests, Craftsman houses are often celebrated for their craftsmanship. Historically constructed using locally sourced materials, the exteriors frequently feature decorative elements such as exposed beams, prominent columns , and stone accents. Inside, you'll often find custom details including built-in shelving, impressive fireplaces, and thick wood trim around doors and windows. The Craftsman architectural style is generally considered a reaction against the eclectic, ornate look of Victorian-style homes.This simplified aesthetic commonly features horizontal lines, low-pitched gable roofs , and spacious covered front porches. These understated elements give the popular house style a timeless appearance. Many Craftsman homes are easily recognizable by their square, tapered columns that support the covered front porch.

Orinda Craftsman

At Amity Kett, our interior designers and architects are examining the elements of Craftsman architecture and why it remains a popular design choice today. The Craftsman style is defined as an American architectural style inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain during the last decades of the 19th century. The style extended into interior design, landscape design, and art. It was formed as a reaction to the industrial revolution and put an emphasis on handmade craftsmanship and organic materials.

The photos are great but the stories are even better especially for modern tropical house plans.

37 Amazing Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

George Krauth has always loved bungalows. His great-grandfather owned a bungalow in Winchester, Tennessee, and George fondly remembers childhood visits to the family home. Because of the wide width of his porch one of his favorite bungalow traits , a standard-size swing would have been too small. As a solution, George ordered a custom-made swing. It anchors the space and, at 7 feet long, invites stretching out for long afternoon naps.

Sun design split foyer remodel

When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. Craftsman Style Landscaping.

Create your own garden of paradise from the world Hinkley, Inc. To create these DIY outdoor lighting ideas don't have to be restricted to fairy lights.

Craftsman Style Landscaping

Extend the length and use it as a tiny house. The second plan describes an even smaller house, but whose interiors are carefully organized and make use of the attic, too. This small house design features an elevated floor, which is very efficient when it comes to flooding and other natural disasters.

How to update a 70s house exterior

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Brothers Charles and Henry Greene fused the harmony-with-nature philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement with elements from Japanese imperial buildings, California mission style and even subdued Victorian design. Many of their Craftsman bungalows remain today in the state. As you would expect, diversity is a key to landscaping a home from this era, with a Craftsman-style attention to detail. Often, Craftsman homes come with mature trees, perhaps planted by the dwelling's first owners. The impression of the house set in a forest complements the aim of the Arts and Crafts movement.

But the old frontyard?

The outside of any Craftsman home generally includes low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes, along with a covered front porch. The colors of the exterior are reflective of nature. Think about muted earth tones, including brown, green, as well as taupe shades. Usual exterior building materials vary from stone and brick to stucco and wood siding. Check out these 31 Craftsman style house exterior design ideas and be swooned by the unique character Craftsman offers. Craftsman with a dream porch to sit and enjoy the view. Mid-sized beautiful beige arts and crafts style home.

When it comes to living in the lap of luxury, nothing comes to close these House Plans square feet. Without even getting into the amazing architectural elements, the Read More When it comes to living in the lap of luxury, nothing comes to close these House Plans square feet.