Do your own landscaping

Do your own landscaping

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Amid all the excitement of building a new home, landscaping can often become an afterthought. How to choose a landscape design for your new home. But the task of creating green spaces that revolve around the individual, rather than the latest trends, still leaves many unsure of where to start. Cottage-style or formal, native or coastal, the best gardens all have one thing in common: they, like homes, reflect the lives of those who live in them.

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4 Steps to Improve Your Landscaping (Beginners Guide)

What if we told you that you could make your own plan — allowing you to bring your own vision to life? You can produce a unique landscape plan in just five easy steps:. This step might actually take the most work because it involves you going out and getting up-close and personal with your current space. Grab a long tape measure, a pencil, and some paper. Measure the dimensions of your house, pool, patio, gardens, spreads of shrubs, and fences.

You can either immediately put these measurements on graph paper or simply jot down the numbers and sketch them out afterward. Remember, this first initial outline gives you an accurate idea of the space you have to work with, your limitations, and the opportunities for change.

Before you go crazy with your sketching pencil, it helps to be prepared. In fact, when it comes to landscape design planning — proper preparation is key. Wherever these visuals are hiding, bring them front and center.

Go out and buy construction paper or a cork board and start pinning your ideas, creating a collective reference of all things landscaping. Keep this board in a place that you see every day while working on your plan, as it will motivate you to stick to your vision.

Now that you have an idea of where your current yard is and where you see it going, you can begin to doodle up your wildest ideas. Scan and print off multiple versions of the grid you made in Step 1 or use tracing paper to make a few copies to draw on. The right landscape plan will likely not be born with one sketch, but rather, it will evolve as you compare several drafts and compile a balanced concept.

Consider what you could do to ease this burden. Could you get solar lights? How could you hide unsightly wires? Actually, we have a helpful guide for adding symmetry to your design, the right plants for your particular landscape, and more in our Ultimate Guide to Curb Appeal.

Instead, use consistent symbols to represent plants, hardscape materials, trees, and architectural features. Maybe your shrubs are depicted as circles while your garden spaces are squares outlined with a thick rim.

Spread out a rainbow of colored pencils and add pops of color to help give the drawing some life and help distinguish your shapes as well. Create an index on the side of your landscape design plan to explain what your shapes and colors symbolize.

Does it still live up to your expectations? Is it practical around your budget? Will it be easy to maintain? Maybe after you draft everything up, you realize you need some help from a landscape designer or a construction crew to bring your vision to life. Make sure you consider these things to help you pick the right designer and coordinate with them right away, to avoid delayed completion.

You can produce a unique landscape plan in just five easy steps: Step 1. Step 2. Create a Vision Board Before you go crazy with your sketching pencil, it helps to be prepared. Step 3. Sketch a Few Variations Now that you have an idea of where your current yard is and where you see it going, you can begin to doodle up your wildest ideas. Step 4. Step 5. Finalize Your Plan and Set a Timeline Step away from your final sketch for a few days and then return to it with a fresh set of eyes. Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

20 Secrets to Landscape Success

And what makes or breaks your curb appeal? Your front yard landscaping. After all, your front yard is the first impression that people get when they drive by your house or walk up to your front door. Revive your landscaping and bring new life to your curb appeal with these easy DIY projects. And best of all — these are all projects that you can do over a weekend without breaking the bank. Even if you use a different material for a garden bed border, adding rocks or stones break up the profile for an understated natural accent.

Landscape design ideas to transform your backyard or front yard. Updating your home's How do I design my own landscape? Before you start digging.

DIY Landscaping Ideas: 16 Projects for Your Yard

Learning Center. Good landscapes serve several functions; increase home value, improve quality of life, improve aesthetics and improve functionality of a space. Bad landscapes, whether due to lack of proper maintenance or poor design, can do just the opposite. Is making changing to your landscape on your spring to-do list? As you get started on planning your landscape, here are some considerations to keep in mind:. After answering the above questions and be realistic! Creating good bed lines, ones that are in scale with the house and make sense with the rest of the area is key. Receive timely tips, sales, events and education program information. Plus details on new arrivals here at the store. Read this first….

6 Ideas for Landscaping on a Budget

Beautiful landscapes may look expensive, but an eye-popping yard can be budget-friendly, too. Recycle an old watering can, lay down free mulch, hang some string lights and you can create a charming, cozy yard at little to no cost. These 20 cheap landscaping ideas will inspire you. Stepping stones or pavers make excellent budget-friendly walkways. They draw the eyes to areas of the yard you wish to show off, and they invite your visitors to do a little exploring.

If you're tired of your high-maintenance lawn, discover a wide array of good-looking plants you can use as grass substitutes.

Landscaping & gardening

What kind of shape is your yard in? Do you smile with pride each time you drive up to your home or do you cringe? The good news is that with a few backyard landscaping ideas and design ideas, you can easily transform your yard into one that you are proud of. Consider what a new backyard patio design with decking and ornamental grasses could do for your yard. See More Outdoor Design Options!

10 Ideas for Backyard Landscaping on a Budget

A home garden should be designed to suit your family needs! If the house is a man's castle, the backyard is his playroom. There's nothing better than a backyard bbq, game with the kids, swim in the pool or to read a good book in the privacy of your own garden. For some people gardening is a hobby, and the job of creating and maintaining a garden is in itself a very enjoyable and relaxing pastime. For others, gardening can be a chore. Here the garden should be designed for low maintenance. A sewerage main is to be laid, a shed erected, or a building extended. Undeveloped, or underdeveloped parts of the garden might be screened with fast growing plants or a temporary fence until they are able to be attended to.

If you've ever fancied yourself as an amateur landscape designer, the market so that you can do the design job for your garden right away.

Simple and Easy Front-of-House Landscaping Ideas You Need to Try

Want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space but worried about the potential costs? With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can better manage the expenses that come with upgrading the look of your lawn and garden. So how can you ensure more value for money when initiating a landscaping project for your property? Here are six budget-friendly ideas highly recommended by landscapers that will give your outdoor space a completely new look.

Whether you are interested in completely redesigning your landscape or simply making a few changes there are some important factors to consider before you start planting. While many people head straight to their local gardening supply store to browse the selections, creating a plan beforehand will help you chose plants that will best fit your needs and thrive in your landscape. It's easy to go out and be tempted into buying plants that look beautiful at the garden store, only to get them home and realize they are wrong for your landscape. These tips will help you develop a plan and put you on the road to creating a beautiful, cohesive, and thriving landscape. Sun and shade patterns EDIS. Credit: Gail Hansen.

Boulder, Colorado inspires you to step outside, and it makes sense to bring that outdoor dream into your own backyard. The right landscape architecture creates a space that's beautiful, functional, and inviting, and it should reflect your interests and personality as it blends seamlessly with your home.

By Budget Dumpster Staff on August 9,Check out these ten budget-friendly ideas to beautify your backyard landscape without having to take out a second mortgage. Mulching is a time and money saver as it reduces the amount of water and weeding your garden needs, but mulch itself can be expensive. Also, stone mulch is less likely than wood mulch to wash onto pavements or blow into swimming pools.Why not put them to good use in your backyard? According to Michelle Bull of Lakin Tire , recycled tires are inexpensive and easy to find.

There are a lot of amazing opportunities that owning your first home provides: the chance to customize everything you want, the freedom to put nails in the wall without having to worry about violating your lease, and of course, the yard, and the opportunity to truly make it your own. HGTV makes it look easy with shows that transform a barren wasteland into a luscious backyard paradise in a matter of hours. The truth is, landscaping for beginners feels like a big job. But with time, hard work, a few tips on how to landscape and some fun landscaping ideas, you can make your yard into the envy of your neighbors.